A heartfelt ceremony at Exceed Worldwide Cambodia Headquarters for Sir Bobby Charlton

On May the 15th, a heartfelt ceremony at Exceed Worldwide’s Cambodia headquarters honoured the enduring legacy of our founder, Sir Bobby Charlton.

Jane Bateman, Trustee of the Sir Bobby Charlton Foundation, unveiled a memorial plaque commemorating Sir Bobby’s remarkable contributions to football and humanitarian causes, and reflected on Sir Bobby’s deep connection to Cambodia, stating:
“Cambodia had a special place in Sir Bobby’s heart. It is wonderful to see that his commitment to this country has been recognised with this permanent tribute. Our thanks go to Exceed Worldwide for helping us to continue his legacy of supporting victims of conflict.”

The event, held in Phnom Penh, drew an array of distinguished guests, including HM British Ambassador Dominic Williams, Exceed Worldwide’s Chief Executive Carson Harte, and Cambodia Country Director Sisary Kheng. Staff members and supporters gathered to pay tribute to Sir Bobby’s impactful life and work.

Since 2019, the Sir Bobby Charlton Foundation has partnered with Exceed Worldwide, focusing on training Prosthetic and Orthotic Technicians (POTs) and providing essential prostheses and orthoses to disadvantaged individuals. This collaboration has significantly improved the lives of countless people with disabilities.

Through the Foundation’s support, scholarships have been awarded to 30 POT students from 11 countries, enhancing the capacity of Prosthetist Orthotists (POs) to treat more patients. These technicians manufacture approximately 500 devices annually, bringing mobility and hope to hundreds of thousands worldwide.

Sisary Kheng expressed Exceed Worldwide’s gratitude, saying, “We are delighted that Jane could join us today. Exceed has enormous regard for the Sir Bobby Charlton Foundation. Its support helps us restore mobility to people with disabilities and provide opportunities to access education, training, and employment. This memorial will forever remind Exceed staff and visitors of our appreciation of Sir Bobby and the Foundation.”

In the 2023-24 period, the Sir Bobby Charlton Foundation’s support enabled Exceed to supply over 800 prosthetic and orthotic devices to individuals in rural Cambodia. This initiative, alongside the POT training program, has been pivotal in Exceed’s mission to equip, enable, and empower people with disabilities.

The memorial stands as a testament to Sir Bobby Charlton’s enduring impact, inspiring future generations to continue his work of compassion and support for those in need.