Friends of Ukraine

As part of our ongoing efforts to support Ukraine, we have sponsored three Ukrainian women to complete the first EOD training course in Kosovo.

With the increase in the risk of mine explosions in Ukraine due to the ongoing war, these training opportunities help communities, such as the one in Kosovo, to overcome the aftermath of recent conflicts.

The three women we have sponsored to take part in their EOD training course will be taught how to safely clear areas of highly concentrated mines. This will allow more safe play areas for the families and children living in these affected communities.

Ukraine has become one of the heaviest mined areas in the world and with the help from us at The Sir Bobby Charlton Foundation and support from our community, we can provide more training to those in Ukraine to help them have a safe place to live again.

For more information or if you wish to help support our appeal for Ukraine, head over to!/ where you can make a donation or find out more about our Safe Play Initiative.