Press Release: A Response from The Sir Bobby Charlton Foundation

The Sir Bobby Charlton Foundation a UK charity set up by Sir Bobby in 2011 to support the victims of conflict has said they would like to thank everyone who has contacted them and shown an interest in their work over the last few days.

Since the announcement of Sir Bobby’s diagnosis of dementia over the weekend people are very interested to know whether Sir Bobby is still involved with the charity’s work.

Chief Executive of the Sir Bobby Charlton Foundation, Lou McGrath said, “Sir Bobby and Lady Norma have always been at the forefront of the charity’s work and are both still very much interested in the work it is involved with around the world in helping those whose lives have been devastated by conflict.”

He went on to say, “during the COVID crises we are undertaking an emergency response by providing protective equipment as well as basic food parcels to the many thousands of refugees fleeing the brutality of war and those living with the threat from landmines and other explosive weapons in countries such as Iraq, Jordan and Cambodia.”

He added, “Prior to the COVID situation Sir Bobby and Lady Norma would visit the charity’s offices on a weekly basis, during lockdown those briefings continue to take place over the phone.”