Synthetic bone project on BBC Countryfile Diaries

The Find A Better Way-funded synthetic bone research project at the University of Glasgow will be featured on Countryfile Diaries this Friday 22 February at 9:15 am on BBC One.

Presented by Keeley Donovan, the Countryfile report follows the story of Eva the dog, her owner Fiona Kirtland, and the amazing story of how Eva’s leg was saved using technology that will someday be used to help landmine blast survivors around the world.

Eva was hit by a car during an evening walk several years ago, and her leg was severely fractured. The break became infected, eventually resulting in a 2cm gap in her bone tissue. Out of options, Eva’s veterinarians at the University of Glasgow Small Animal Hospital thought amputation might be inevitable.

A chance encounter then changed Eva’s life.

A few month’s previously, Professor Manuel Salmeron Sanchez and his colleague Professor Matt Dalby had begun developing 3D-printed synthetic bone for landmine blast survivors, with funding from Find A


Better Way. Eva’s vet William Marshall discovered the work Manuel and Matt were working on during a casual conversation at the University. Although their project had just begun, William asked if there was any of their technology that could be used to save Eva’s leg. Manuel and Matt agreed to try, and the results were a huge success.

Eva’s story has captured the world’s imagination since it was first revealed in the Spring of 2017. Her photo has appeared in newspapers around the world, and she has appeared on multiple television shows.

The BBC Countryfile report may be the most in-depth discussion of her story to date. It traces her journey from that fateful night at the park through the various treatments to Eva’s eventual recovery. Also included is a discussion of how technology may someday help countless people around the world in need of new bone tissue.

If you miss the initial broadcast on Friday morning, and you live in the UK, don’t worry. It will be available on the BBC iPlayer for an additional 30 days!