The SBCF’s Work In Jordan Continues Despite Coronavirus Outbreak

The Sir Bobby Charlton Foundation and its partners have responded quickly and decisively to the Coronavirus outbreak in Jordan.

Despite a lockdown across the country the team at our Sir Bobby Charlton Centre in the Jordanian capital city of Amman have switched to remote working and are using internet based platforms such as Skype, Viber and WhatsApp to maintain regular contact with their Syrian refugee patients.

Through the provision of exercise programmes and the utilisation of support from close family members the team are able to keep patients, who need physical therapy as part of their treatment for war injuries or a debilitating illness, fit and well until their conventional treatment can resume.

For children and families who are suffering from trauma as a result of the war in Syria counselling sessions are also continuing over the internet and disabled refugees are still receiving the help they need on-line through the peer support programme.

In addition to maintaining these core services, the Centre team have also taken direct action to shield beneficiaries from the virus and check its spread in the community. They have done this by distributing 250 Coronavirus protection kits to patients. The kits include masks, gloves, hand sanitiser and sanitary wipes. It is thought the Centre is one of the first NGOs in the country to provide such a response.

The Sir Bobby Charlton Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer, Lou McGrath, said: “I am very proud of the staff team in Jordan. Their dedication is second to none and they have acted swiftly and successfully to keep services running and to protect hundreds of vulnerable refugees.

There is still a lot more we need to do to help people through this crisis and we cannot do it alone. But we have responded well to this challenge so far and I am certain with the help of others we will continue to play our part in the global fight against Covid 19.”