The Sir Bobby Charlton Foundation, in partnership with Exceed Worldwide is proud to have helped..

Meet Yorng

Yorng is 56 years old and lost the lower half of her left leg in a landmine blast in 1991. Prostheses (artificial limbs) are wonderful for enabling mobility again, but they are not always straightforward. The fit can change, they can wear out, become damaged or break.

Yorn had lived in discomfort for some time before Exceed staff visited her community and found that her prosthesis was loose and in need of repair. She was having difficulty standing and using a crutch to walk. With funding from the Sir Bobby Charlton Foundation, Exceed clinicians were able to create a new prosthesis for her, which has hugely improved her movement, comfort and quality of life.

They will stay in touch with her to make sure that everything works for her over the coming months.


Meet Chhoun

Chhoun is 54 years old. His limb below the knee was amputated following a landmine blast in 1989 when he was a solider. Today he is a farmer and relies on his artificial leg to work in the fields to support his family. His current device became too tight and was difficult to take on and off. The discomfort made it hard for him to stand, walk and do his work, and he started to have to rely on crutches.

Choun is one of hundreds of people whose lives have been improved by funding from the Sir Bobby Charlton Foundation, combined with the expertise of Exceed. He now has a new and comfortable device, and continued access to the Exceed clinic should any further adjustments be needed.


Meet Vong

 Vong is 60 years old and works as a famer to support his family. He suffered a landmine accident in 1988, and had to wait six years before his first prostheses was fitted. He has since had eight replacement limbs as he outgrows or damages them. He has had his current one for seven years, but the foot part of it broke and became loose, causing pain when standing or walking. Put simply, in this condition he could not neither work nor manage day to day activities nor support his family. Thanks to Exceed and the Sir Bobby Charlton Foundation, Vong now has a new and comfortable limb and a greatly enhanced quality of life. 

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