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Teach Safe – Explosive Hazard Risk Education in Mosul, Iraq

Teach Safe is our new, educational initiative where we endeavour to teach explosive hazard risk education to those living in conflict-affected communities.


In partnership with the Al Ghad League for Women and Children in Iraq, the Sir Bobby Charlton Foundation is proud to have recently funded a project to educate local school teachers in Mosul, Iraq.


Throughout the summer months of 2021, 32 school teachers in Iraq attended training on the risks of living near mines and explosive hazards. They have since returned to the classroom and began teaching this vital information to the first group of students; 307 young pupils, who are growing up in areas filled with the forgotten remnants of war.


We put a keen emphasis on ensuring our methods are sustainable when curating our educational programmes; working with the Al Ghad League to train local school teachers means that this critical mine risk information can be delivered to students for years to come. We aim for it to become fundamental knowledge within the community and stay with them long into the future.


We are grateful to the Al Ghad League for Women and Children for delivering this programme as we continue to work towards our goal to instil safe behaviours in those most vulnerable to unexploded munitions left over from wars.