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Continuing Sir Bobby’s legacy in Cambodia

The Sir Bobby Charlton Foundation partnership with Exceed Worldwide in Cambodia started in 2019. Since then it has provided crucial funding to support those with disabilities, many as a result of landmine blasts.


Sir Bobby’s own story started 10 years earlier when visiting Cambodia. He had been shaken and moved by meeting so many people – especially children – living with disabilities because of remnant devices of war, that he established The Sir Bobby Charlton Foundation in 2011.


Much of the early work focused on prevention, moving through the years into supporting those living with disability.


With Exceed, the Sir Bobby Charlton Foundation funding has enabled the training of prosthetic and orthotic technicians and, since last year, the provision of hundreds of prostheses (artificial limbs) and orthoses (braces) in three different communities in Cambodia.


This vital funding helps people of all ages to regain their mobility and enhance their opportunities to access education, training and employment.



Quote from Exceed:


“The partnership between The Sir Bobby Charlton Foundation and Exceed has contributed directly to the development of 30 Prosthetic and Orthotic Technicians in 13 countries. Each of these trained professionals is equipped to serve up to 500 persons with disabilities per year by means of their technical qualifications in manufacturing, assembling, maintenance and repairs of various different devices. 


In providing victims of war and conflict with high quality physical rehabilitation services Sir Bobby has actively assured social inclusion and life opportunities for many people with disabilities who were previously disadvantaged and excluded. His commitment represents a practical and impactful initiative for humanity whose social impacts will be evident in the profession of prosthetics and orthotics and the life of less-privileged individuals in less resourced settings for many years to come.”



Quote from The Sir Bobby Charlton Foundation:


“The Sir Bobby Charlton Foundation is delighted to announce further significant support to our on-the-ground partner in Cambodia, Exceed Worldwide. Their work focuses on the core mission of the Foundation, which is helping victims of conflict. Their training of prosthetic and orthotic technicians is coupled with the provision of thousands of artificial limbs and braces to numerous impacted communities in Cambodia.

“Physical rehabilitation not only empowers social inclusion and mobility but positions thousands of people with disabilities to engage in active employment. This is life-changing for those individuals, their families and communities.

“We are proud to continue delivering on Sir Bobby’s mission. Thank you to all those who have donated to the Foundation and for your continued support.”


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